Notely :: Simple, sustainable stationery

Posted on Dec 14, 2014 in Collaboration, Stationery

A few of my passions exploded into a new project this year, called Notely. This new local label combines my loves of design, collaboration, sustainability and stationery, as well as digital and ecommerce, all into one beautiful small business.

With much help and questioning of my friends, I sought out to create a brand that showcased the work of local artists and illustrators and had a low environmental footprint.

The result is a beautiful vibrant series of notebooks in A5 and A6 made from 100% post-consumer waste. The whitest office paper is recycled to create a gorgeous, tactile sheet that’s perfect for sketching, doodling and note-taking on the go!

The range can be purchased via the website and at occasional pop up market stalls.

Notely Sustainable stationery launch collection

Notely Red Delicious and Red Notebooks

Notely Eco Warrior and Red Notebooks_800x533

Notely Girl with a Tiger, Light Grey and Charcoal Notebooks